Dermal Fillers

What are they?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is currently the most common dermal filler used in the appearance medicine industry. HA is a natural forming sugar molecule, found in the eyes, joints and skin. So that HA can be used for injections in to the skin, raw HA is cross-linked and manufactured into an injectable gel. It is deemed the safest of all the dermal fillers and requires no pre-testing as was done in the days of collagen therapy. Its increased longevity and safety profile has reduced the use of collagen to almost nil.

Instant Results

Treatment with fillers gives instant results, unlike Botulinum therapy, which takes several days to start working. When injecting fillers, once maximum correction of a line or wrinkle is reached, or desired volume enhancement is achieved, the therapist stops injecting any further product in to that area.

We have chosen the range of HA’s from the award winning Swiss company Anteis ( which are manufactured in Geneva using the most advanced technology available today.

The Anteis range covers all concentrations of HA’s required for the complete augmentation and rejuvenation of the face. They are often used in conjunction with Dysport/Botox, to achieve quite remarkable results.

After Treatments

Downtime following treatment is minimal, but varies from person to person and the products used. Immediately after most treatments, some mineral makeup can be applied to cover any temporary redness. Swelling is usually minimal, bruising is possible. Products and medications to avoid prior to treatment, will be discussed at consultation, to minimize the chances of bruising.

Esthelis for the Correction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

CPM technology (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix) creates an ideal product for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. There is no other filler available that can be injected as superficially as this specially formulated HA. It is therefore very good value for money, as minimal product is required for ultimate line correction. It is ideal for all fine to moderate lines on the face. It is especially useful when treating upper and lower lip lines, as minimal product lessens the likelihood of over “bulking” of the area, stiffening or ridging when smiling and talking. This product is designed to integrate into the skin over 2-4 days, providing a very natural correction, which is what most people are looking for.

Unlike some of the other HA’s available, blue lines, chord like ridges and lumpiness following treatment do not occur.

The more superficially an HA is injected, the longer it lasts. While longevity varies a great deal from person to person, this HA can last up to 18 months in certain areas and in some people. It may take a few sessions to get to maintenance level, but once this is reached, top ups are required less and less frequently.

Combination Treatment

Sometimes a combination of products is required for the ultimate results. Each treatment is based on the individual requirements and tailored to them, taking into account the desired outcome, limitations of these non-surgical treatments, and available budget! A consultation is necessary to create a treatment programme that is completely right for each person.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

A full explanation of side effects and complications is given, along with a written consent form, which needs to be read and signed, before treatment is carried out.

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